GCI Student Interns Research Carbon Offsets and Removal in the Great Lakes Region

This summer the GCI welcomed a fantastic group of U-M students from a variety of academic disciplines on board. The summer intern student team is working on a research project in conjunction with the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers, an organization composed of the governors of eight midwestern states and the premiers of two Canadian provinces. The organization’s purpose is to promote sustainable economic development in this region. The research project is investigating carbon offsets and removal opportunities in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Ontario, or Québec. The student team will produce a report with recommendations to enhance the potential of this region to remove and durably store waste carbon dioxide as a new part of the regional economy. This report will describe the range of options for capturing excess CO2 and selling it as carbon offsets in the natural world (forests, farming, biochar, etc) and in the engineering world (e.g. carbon capture and usage in the production of aggregates and concrete, etc or carbon capture sequestration in geographical formations).

As part of this project, the student intern team is seeking data from organizations in the Great Lakes and St Lawrence region in order to better understand the factors that influence carbon removal decisions. 

If you work at an organization that considers buying carbon offsets or is interested in carbon removal markets, please consider spending 1-2 minutes to fill out this short survey. Responses are due back by August 15.

Questions? Contact info@globalco2initiative.org.

Meet the team!

Morgan Cobb, Chemical Engineering, BSE 2023
Aiko Ueda, Marketing Consulting/
Molecular Biology, MBA/MS 2024

Tanmay Arora, Marketing, BBA 2024

Jacqueline Taylor, Public Policy and Sustainability, BA 2023