Volker Sick and Victor Li high fiving each other.


Volker Sick
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Mechanical Engineering DTE Energy Professor of Advanced Energy Research; Director, Global CO2 Initiative

Volker leads day-to-day Global CO2 Initiative operations, forges organizational partnerships, and brings together the initiative’s research teams. Sick brings years of experience as a leading scientist and administrator.

Lynn Cook
Administrative Assistant, Global CO2 Initiative

Lynn is the administrative assistant to the Global CO2 Initiative team, working closely with all members of the team.

Susan Fancy
Associate Director, Global CO2 Initiative

Susan assists with budgeting and financial planning; manages projects and processes at the intersection of carbon utilization research, commercialization and education; and leads student teams.

Richard Greeley
Associate Director, Licensing, Innovation Partnerships

Richard manages the intellectual property protection and commercialization of CCU related technologies from UM.

Kristienne Kattapong
Communication Specialist, Global CO2 Initiative

Kristi serves as a communications bridge, helping forge connections from the Global CO2 Initiative to academia, research, industry and the world beyond. 

Christophe Mangin
Program Manager for Business Development, Global CO2 Initiative

Globally leads the Technical Economic Analysis (TEA) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) activities within the Global CO2 Initiative.


Stephen McCord
Research Fellow

Stephen researches sustainability and CCUS impact assessment and decision making.