Newsletter features Dahl Winters

“There are always obstacles, but I just keep going. You can’t let obstacles get in your way, because as soon as you do, you’ve basically lost the game.” ~Dahl Winters This newsletter issue features Dahl Winters, CEO at TerraNexum – Quantum for Climate Progress Dahl has formal training in biology, ecology, and systems engineering, but is self-taught in physics, …

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New CCU Market Study and Key Findings Webinar Now Available!

“GCI has presented a balanced and timely analysis of the CCU space. They don’t frame it as a magical solutions to all of the climate crisis, but they also point out exactly where, when, and how these solutions can be deployed in today’s economy.” Dr. Marcius Extavour, Chief Scientist & Executive Vice President Climate and …

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“A carbon footprint life cycle assessment can cut down on greenwashing”

“Good LCA analysis, (GCI Director, Volker) Sick says, can distinguish companies that are carbon-friendly in name only, from those that are truly helping the world clear the air. ”  A recent Science News article by Ann Leslie Davis features the work of former GCI staff member Grant Faber, and GCI director, Volker Sick. The following is …

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