Research at the Global CO2 Initiative supports the development of captured carbon product technologies — both technological and biological — from early stage R&D through the stages of demonstration and early commercial deployment.

The Global Global CO2 Initiative will cultivate existing and potential industry and research partners to further collaborate and expand R&D and deployment opportunities for carbon dioxide removal and utilization technologies.

Innovative Solutions

Kitahama residential tower built of concrete and glassThe cement industry is one of the biggest CO2 emitters globally. We found a way to utilize in the future this CO2 from the production of cement and other sources to be used in the curing of it to make bendable concrete.

The Kitahama building in Osaka, Japan, the tallest residential tower in Japan, is built with an earlier version of this bendable concrete technology to have superior earthquake resistance. Learn more about bendable concrete.

Toolkit & Roadmap

The Techno-Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Analysis Toolkit (TEA/LCA) serves as a critical framework and foundation nascent CO2 removal and utilization management industry.

The Global Roadmap for Implementing CO2 utilization presents a roadmap for the commercialization potential of carbon dioxide utilization through 2030.

Research Projects

Discover our technological solutions to crucial issues, exploration of the issue, and final outcome and benefits. Learn about our research projects.

Published Papers

Our published papers are open to the public, available via the University of Michigan Library Deep Blue repository, in PDF format. View our list of published papers.

Featured Faculty

Kaitlin RaimiDr. Kaitlin Raimi is an assistant professor of public policy at the University of Michigan Ford School, and a member of our Global CO2 Initiative Research Team.

She is a social and environmental psychologist who studies climate-related communication, how people compare their beliefs to others, and how one environmental action or policy affects subsequent actions and policy support. Learn more about Dr. Raimi.

International Research Collaborators

Climate KIC
CO2 Value Europe
IASS Potsdam
RWTH Aaachen University
Technische Universitat Berlin
The University of Sheffield