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Each issue of the Global CO2 Initiative bi-weekly newsletter features important stakeholders in the carbon capture and utilization field. These stakeholders may be leaders in industry, academia, policy, non-profit organizations, etc. or they may be cutting edge companies and organizations.

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Founded in 2009, Swiss company Climeworks is the world’s leading direct air capture company and provides a solution that empowers everyone to be climate positive by removing carbon dioxide from the air. Although they work in both CO2 sequestration and utilization, Climeworks’ technology and innovations have been particularly instrumental in paving the way for carbon dioxide utilization all over the world.
Dick Greeley
Dick Greeley is the Associate Director of Licensing, U-M Office of Technology Transfer and the creator of the GCI’s CCU Activity Hub. Dick has over 30 years of experience in high technology, formerly serving as a Director of Licensing for Microsoft, a Director of Technology Business Development and a Director of Strategic Planning and Investing at Hewlett-Packard. Among other start-ups, he founded Career Map
Fred Mason
“Although I lobbied the C-suite and others on sustainability as a source of enterprise value, it was never my day job. I was simply the corporate curmudgeon who was incautiously relentless in advocating for sustainability.”

Fred Mason is a GCI Advisory Board Member and an experienced international executive supporting sustainability with expertise, insight and passion.
Jan Mazurek
Dr. Jan Mazurek, Senior Director at ClimateWorks Foundation, has devoted close to 30 years at the highest levels of federal and state service to devising policies and institutions that drive down emissions. She plans to devote the next several decades to doing even more, using trees and technology to safely remove and store carbon pollution that causes the planet to warm.
Kat Sale
My advice for young women and girls interested in engineering is to let others hear you. Entering a male-dominated field, often less is expected of you and, as such, you’re given fewer opportunities. If you aren’t given a chance to speak, then make it!

In celebration of Women in Engineering Day on June 23, this issue of the GCI newsletter features Kat Sale, U-M chemical engineering undergraduate, transfer student, Kansas native, LafargeHolcim intern, math and science savant.
Kianna Marquez
“Once I took more classes in chemical engineering, and I heard about carbon removal, I really fell in love with it.”

Kianna Marquez is a junior in chemical engineering at the University of Michigan’s (U-M) College of Engineering, a columnist for the Michigan Daily, and the founder of the Global CO2 Initiative Student Association.
Louise Kjellerup Roper
“There’s not a scenario in which we get climate change under control without carbon capture and utilization (CCU).”

Louise Kjellerup Roper is GCI Advisory Board Member and Chief Executive Officer at Volans. She is also A successful business leader and thinker with experience across management, sales, integrated marketing and NPD.
Marcius Extavour
Dr. Marcius Extavour, Vice President, Energy & Climate at XPRIZE, is a thought leader and innovator working at the intersection of science, technology, global impact, and public policy in climate and energy. As a member of leadership group at XPRIZE Foundation, he oversees XPRIZE’s work in Energy & Climate, including the recent NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE and the new $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal supported by the Musk Foundation.
Moti Herskowitz
“The extraordinary challenge in this field is to cross the Valley of Death… necessary for commercial implementation.”

Dr. Moti Herskowitz, Director of the Blechner Center for Industrial Catalysis and Process Development at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, earned his PhD from University of California, Davis.
Nicole Mendoza
Dr. Nicole Mendoza, Senior Researcher in Wind Energy Systems at National Renewable Energy Laboratory & Chief Technology Officer at SkyBaron. She is a 2020 Environmental Entrepreneurs 1 Hotels Fellow and Emerging Leader. She has also won multiple scholarships and awards while completing her PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M, including the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. She is a passionate champion for women and minorities in STEM and renewable energy, diversity and inclusion, and saving the planet. 
Rosina Bierbaum
Dr. Rosina Bierbaum, GCI Advisory Board Member,  is a professor at both the University of Michigan and at the University of Maryland. She  ran the first Environment Division of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. She chairs the Scientific and Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility, and serves as a Science Adviser to the newly created Global Adaptation Commission. She served on President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, as an Adaptation Fellow at the World Bank, and as a member of the Michigan Climate Action Council.
Stafford Sheehan
Dr. Stafford Sheehan is the Chief Technology Officer at Air Company. Air Company is a technology, engineering and design company that transforms carbon dioxide into products like vodka and sanitizer. Stafford received his PhD from Yale University in 2016, studying chemical methods for artificial photosynthesis and related systems, and for the last five years has been developing industrial technology for CO2 utilization.
Susan Fancy
In honor of International Women in Engineering Day later this month, both June issues of the newsletter will feature women in engineering. This issue features Susan Fancy, mechanical engineer, GCI Program Manager, launcher of University of Michigan’s (U-M’s) first solar car team, and former drag racer.
Volker Sick
“Carbon dioxide capture and utilization offers us the opportunity to help stabilize the climate, to ensure continued access to products that cannot be made without carbon, and to add critically needed jobs especially in underserved regions of the world. These are all urgent needs that require swift and large-scale action.”

Dr. Volker Sick, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Mechanical Engineering, DTE Energy Professor of Advanced Energy Research and Director of the Global CO, Initiative, is a leading expert on carbon capture and utilization. His work focuses on accelerating deployments of CO2-utilization technologies that will innovate existing infrastructure and manufacturing processes, thereby finding sustainable decarbonization solutions to help address the climate crisis.