Newsletter features Kendra Hagey

“Ultimately, physical carbon capture units on campus can demonstrate to other students that carbon capture is not just some theoretical solution to climate change–it has real potential to make a difference.” This first newsletter issue of 2023 features the incoming president of the Global CO2 Initiative Student Association (GCISA), Kendra Hagey. Kendra is a junior in Chemical Engineering with a …

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CCUS Transformation Map is now live!

Curated in partnership with Global CO2 Initiative Director, Dr. Volker Sick, the CCUS Transformation Map is now live on the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence site. Legacy carbon dioxide emissions must be removed as a new, net-zero-carbon economy is being built. CO2 capture, utilization, and storage have the potential to both contribute to gigatonne-scale removal, …

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Newsletter features Bernard David

“…(A)t this point in time, it is action which is what matters—at an accelerated pace—to both innovate and then, in turn, widely deploy solutions at scale. Inherent in this broad deployment is the need for an economic return since governments can’t and won’t shoulder the entire burden of fixing things.” This very special end-of-year issue of the newsletter features Bernard J. David, entrepreneur, …

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