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Slides and photos are now available for “2024 Harmonizing Assessments of Carbon Management Approaches”!

We are excited to announce that slides and photos from the 2024 Global CO2 Initiative Workshop on Harmonizing Carbon Management Assessments are now available!

Please find a link to each presenter’s slides next to the presenter’s name in the agenda below.

Photos from the event are below the agenda.

Schedule of events

May 21, 2024

6:00 – 7:30 PM Informal welcome reception (hors d’oeuvres, drinks) (Assembly Hall)

May 22, 2024

8:00 AM Continental breakfast (Assembly Hall)

8: 30 AM Welcome and introduction

  • Volker Sick (GCI); Emily Connor (DOE)
  • Ketriel Mendy (DOE): An OCED Case study

9:00 AM Comparability across technologies and how to make choices?

  • Greg Keoleian (University of Michigan)
  • Michael Leitch (XPrize) View Slides

9:30 AM Breakouts

  • 4 select topics, moderated; topics include:
    • Trade-offs between accuracy and precision (Greg Cooney, DOE; Michael Leitch, XPrize)
    • Guidance beyond DAC within CDR: considering BiCRS, Soil & Ocean storage (Joshua Jack, U-M)
    • Audience selected

10:45 AM Break

11:00 AM International harmonization

  • Shin Morimoto (NIAIST, Japan) View Slides
  • Stefan Kelnberger (DIN German Institute for Standardization e. V., Germany) View Slides

11:30 PM Breakouts

  • 4 select topics, moderated; topics include:
    • Standardization (TBD)
    • Avoided Emissions (Michelle Krynock, DOE)
    • Audience selected

12:30 PM Lunch (Assembly Hall)

2:00 PM Report outs from morning sessions (Amphitheater)

2:30 PM Societal Considerations (Amphitheater)

  • Simone Stewart (National Wildlife Federation) View Slides
  • Holly Caggiano (University of British Columbia)

3:00 PM Breakouts on Societal Considerations

  • 4 select topics, moderated; topics include:
    • Implications of potential S-LCA standards (Rajiv Ghimire, U-M)
    • Interfacing between societal perceptions, needs, opportunities, and technologies (Shoshannah Lenski, U-M)
    • Audience selected

4:00 PM Report outs

4:30 PM Break

5:00 PM Poster session, Art/Comics competition (Assembly Hall)

6:00 PM Dinner @ Rackham Graduate School (Assembly Hall)

May 23, 2024

8:00 AM Continental breakfast (Assembly Hall)

8:30 AM Product category rules and environmental product declarations (construction materials)

  • Stephen McCord (University of Michigan) View Slides
  • Kevin R Norfleet (Celanese)

9:00 AM Breakout sessions

  • 4 select topics, moderated; topics may include:
    • PCR interoperability and usefulness to assist in product selection
    • Uncertainty, transparency, and reporting in PCRs (Geoff Lewis, U-M)
    • Audience selected

10:15 AM Break

10:30 AM Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Tools

  • Alauddin Ahmed (University of Michigan) View Slides
  • Rosana Galindo (Universidade Estadual de Campinas) View Slides

11:00 AM Breakout sessions 

  • 4 select topics, moderated; topics include:
    • Guidance needs for the deployment of AI/ML for LCA/TEA? (Alauddin Ahmed, U-M)
    • How to utilize AI/ML without breaking consistency in assessment? (Rosana Galindo, UEdC)
    • Audience selected

12:00 PM Report outs

12:30 PM Lunch (Assembly Hall)

1:30 PM Adjourn

2:00 PM   Writing team to work on a workshop report (East Conference Room)

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