Volker Sick and Victor Li high fiving each other.


We envision CO2 capture and *conversion as a mainstream carbon management solution.

Our mission is to provide the leadership necessary to establish the new industry of CO2 capture and conversion through evaluation, research, education, training, and outreach.

We lead other organizations worldwide by engaging all stakeholders in the ecosystem to:

  • Develop the educational discipline of carbon capture and conversion.
  • Create and use the global standard tools that accelerate a system-level process of technology assessment.
  • Accelerate the translation of research to development and market introduction and broad-scale deployment.

*The Global CO2 Initiative recently switched away from using the phase “carbon capture and utilization” or “CCU” in favor of using the phrase “carbon dioxide capture and conversion” or “CCC” instead. “Carbon capture and utilization” can include using captured carbon dioxide for some other purpose, including using it for enhanced oil recovery. The phrase “carbon dioxide capture and conversion,” on the other hand, explicitly indicates that carbon is chemically converted to a product and not used for enhanced oil recovery. The new phrasing more accurately reflects our position on the best way to use captured carbon dioxide.

Of note, “carbon capture” has long become shorthand for the collection of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide from gas streams, including air. For ease of use, convenience, and to follow global practice, we also use “carbon capture” in many instances but it is important to remember that we are talking about the gases, not molecular carbon.

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