Newsletter features Dr. Christophe Mangin, Program Manager for Business Development, Global CO2 Initiative

“Understanding economic and environmental impacts in conjunction with the technology risks at an early stage of the research allows one to save time and resources, since technology path options can be prioritized and potentially de-selected early on.“ Christophe leads the global Technical Economic Analysis (TEA) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) activities within the Global CO2 Initiative. …

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Newsletter features Dr. Julio Friedmann, acclaimed carbon removal expert

Julio Friedmann

“The Second Law of Thermodynamics is a harsh mistress—it says you’ll always lose energy converting spent fuel back into fuel. However, when renewables become cheap and abundant, as they are locally today, the opportunity becomes arbitraging energy for money. That’s very, very hard, but no longer lunacy.“ Dr. Friedmann is one of the most widely …

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GCI Director Volker Sick quoted in Wall Street Journal

graphic of guy holding up a fizzy beverage

Volker Sick was recently interviewed by Benoît Morenne of the Wall Street Journal about the future of captured CO2 “Consumers will need reassurance that some of these new products are safe, says Volker Sick, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan and director of the Global CO2 Initiative, a research group that …

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Call for ACS Fall 2022 Abstracts

1. Emerging Electrochemical Processes for Integration with CO2 Capture Due Monday, March 14, 2022 Organizers: Betar Gallant (, David Kwabi (, & Mohammad  Rahimi ( Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is essential if global warming mitigation scenarios are to be  met, with potential roles for utilization (CCU) in the shorter term to incentivize adoption of …

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