CCU Activity Hub Now Live

As the issue of climate change surges on, along with many other challenges we face, the U-M Global CO2 Initiative has launched the Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) Activity Hub. 

The CCU Activity Hub is a gateway for investors, policymakers, researchers, and environmentalists to find out where research, centers, start-ups, policy reforms, and more are taking place worldwide. Viewed on an ecosystem map, users can search through over 3,000 articles, 50 research centers, and more. The information is animated to display an increase in activity over time.

Under the policy section of the map, users can view where carbon taxes and emission trade and swap systems are in place or under consideration. Next, in the research area, articles are mapped from scholarly databases such as SCOPUS, Dimensions, and Engineering Village. It also shows the location of research centers focused on CCU technology and policy. Lastly, the economic impact allows viewers to see the mapped point of CCU focused start-ups, using data that was assembled in partnership with the Circular Carbon Network.  

The area of CCU technologies continues to expand across the globe with more research, policy, and start-ups taking hold all the time. Expectations are for it to fuel a trillion-dollar market that is not only increasingly attractive to investors but is also a key aspect in the fight against climate change. The U-M Global CO2 Initiative will continuously update the map as the information becomes available. 

The CCU Activity Hub was put together by Richard Greeley and Merritt Dailey. Richard is an assistant director in the Office of Technology Transfer, where he supports the commercialization of the University of Michigan carbon capture technologies and is finishing a Masters in Geographic Information Systems. Merritt is a Master’s student in the Energy Systems Engineering program.