#CarbonTake with Louise Kjellerup Roper of Volans

Louise Kjellerip RoperLouise Kjellerup Roper

Chief Executive, Volans

Louise Kjellerup Roper leads the team and is overall responsible for delivering Volans mission – helping business drive positive exponential change and transform the world to one of regenerative systems. 

Q: What role do you see carbon technology playing as we work towards achieving our climate goals?
A: It is simple. There is no scenario for keeping global warming at 1.5 degrees which doesn’t involve successful implementation of carbon technology.

Q: How do we drive and materialize the opportunity for economic growth and prosperity offered by a new carbon economy?
A: In my experience, it will take a few things to drive economic growth in this area: the ability to envisage and implement collaborative business models that are appealing to both mainstream and more innovative customers and partners at all levels, as well as a new narrative which reframes carbon as the resource it is. Both require a new mindset to move from niche to broad adoption.

Q: What efforts have you seen internationally that you feel should be scaled broadly?
A: I believe the Global CO2 Initiative is at the forefront of international efforts on carbon technology. We must see broad, global collaboration across industry, academia and governments to scale the solutions.

Q: What is one piece of knowledge or advice you want to share with students or entrepreneurs in this space?
A: Carbon technology is an area that will help solve the Climate Emergency in which we currently find ourselves, many solutions will be needed. As you develop your own solutions, try to make space in your thinking and business model for collaborations, short and long term rather than solve it all yourself. Open source is the way to scale.

Q: What is missing in the debate?
A: The carbon technology debate is still in its infancy – often reduced to good vs. bad. It would be great to see more nuance and focus on opportunities and practical applications.