One Year Down, Many More to Go: Celebrating the Global CO2 Initiative at the University of Michigan

Today, we are proud to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Global CO2 Initiative at the University of Michigan since its public launch.

Throughout the past year, we have helped grow the international carbon management community, supported the development of new technologies, approaches, and assessment tools and, in turn, learned insightful lessons through diverse innovative partnerships.

The world of carbon management is only as successful as its community behind it, and this is exactly what makes this technology space so promising in helping solve the climate crisis.

From Fortune 100 companies to world-class research entities, we have seen carbon technology rapidly grow from a once niche tech solution to a diverse network of researchers, technologists, investors and policy makers. Being a part of this network highlights the idea that there is not one actor driving this innovation, but through collaboration among a passionate set of players, we have the opportunity to transform carbon into an asset.

Within our own Initiative, we have witnessed students from various disciplines and geographic locations seek advice on how to engage and support these topics, showing the growth in interest to study tangible solutions to solve the problems of our future. We anticipate that this engagement will continue and increase as more students enter this space, ultimately driving more researchers and entrepreneurs into carbon tech. We believe it is critical to engage the next generation to successfully deploy this technology and kick-start the progress to build these new industries.

The future of the carbon technology industry is promising. The time and resources committed on behalf of philanthropies, research institutions and commercial end-users over the last few years has grown substantially; however, there is still work that needs to be done to improve early stage R&D investments, taking more public and private sector funding off the sidelines and into the effort. We are confident that the strength of this community will rapidly grow across sectors and disciplines to achieve a carbon negative, dollar positive future.

Our Initiative is proud of the work we have accomplished during this time and we look forward to further evolving in this exciting space that provides opportunities to answer the climate crisis through breakthrough technologies, both on campus and around the world.

Thank you for continued support, interest and collaboration – we look forward to building this community together in the years ahead.