A Roadmap for the Global Implementation of Carbon Utilization Technologies

Dr. Issam Dairanieh, CEO of CO2 Sciences
April 18, 2017 at 7:30am PST / 4:30pm CET / 10:30am EST

On April 18, 2017, the Global CO2 Initiative conducted a webinar and Q&A session where our CEO, Dr. Issam Dairanieh, discussed a Global Roadmap that illustrates how we can transform CO2 from a liability into an asset at significant market scale. Please scroll down to view the webinar in its entirety.

This webinar covered the following:

  • The landscape of CO2 products across six main market categories
  • The market size and associated CO2 consumption at different dates (2020, 2025 and 2030) across these market categories
  • Key drivers and barriers for implementing technologies where CO2 is converted into useful products
  • Recommendations for strategic actions to accelerate the deployment of CO2 conversion technologies
  • Q&A session

The Global Roadmap was created with the support of The Government of Japan, the Lemelson Foundation and the RK Mellon Family Foundation.