Dick Greeley, creator of GCI’s CCU Activity Hub, featured in newsletter

This issue of the GCI newsletter features Dick Greeley, Associate Director of Licensing, U-M Office of Technology Transfer and creator of the GCI’s CCU Activity Hub. Dick has over 30 years of experience in high technology, formerly serving as a Director of Licensing for Microsoft, a Director of Technology Business Development and a Director of Strategic Planning and Investing at Hewlett-Packard. Among other start-ups, he founded Career Map. He has an MBA from Boston University, a BS in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Tufts University, and a MA in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Penn State.

You have a fascinating and varied background. How did you happen to start a company while also working full-time and working on a MA?

I started taking courses GIS because I have always loved maps and thinking visually to explain trends and make decisions. So I took a few courses, and I got a certificate. And I said, “Well, this is fun–I think I’ll just keep going and get a degree, even though I am later in my career.” One of the requirements for the MA was completing a capstone project. Since I had not worked in the field previously, I was curious about GIS jobs, career paths and outcomes in general. What are they like? Where are they? How do careers change over time? I thought I could map GIS careers for my project which worked so well that I decided to turn it into a company, which I named CareerMap

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