Volker Sick on using concrete as a carbon sink

Tom Raftery recently interviewed Professor Volker Sick for his podcast “Climate 21.” The Climate 21 podcast is a weekly podcast that will showcase best practices and thought leadership in greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Volker Sick on using concrete as a carbon sink

Volker Sick on the value of concrete.

“… it is a material that is designed to really hold enormous amounts of carbon dioxide. And that’s key. We have a huge, huge surplus of CO2. Where do we stick it? We can pump it under ground. That works, but it’s expensive. We make concrete anyway — let’s put the CO2 in that.”

Volker Sick

The interview transcript and show notes can also be found here.

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Stopping global emissions is not enough. We have to also find ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester it.

One of the biggest contributors to global emissions is the production of concrete. Imagine if concrete production could be turned from a carbon emitting process into a carbon sink… That is one idea the Global CO2 initiative is looking into. They have come up with a new way to make concrete that uses CO2 as an ingredient. It is an exciting idea, so I reached out to the Director of the Global CO2 Initiative Prof Volker Sick to come on the podcast to talk about this idea.

We had a fascinating conversation, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it too.

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