Team Carbon Showed Up in NYC – Views from Carbon Tech and Climate Week 2019


This week, individuals from near and far gathered during Climate Week in New York City to engage in important discussions on how to tackle the climate crisis. As global CO2 emissions continue to accelerate and our carbon footprint expands across all sectors, it is critical to come together to deploy a diverse set of solutions to achieve climate goals.

Throughout the week, it was apparent that the sheer number of events focusing on carbon management technologies, solutions and policies has skyrocketed compared to previous years. It was incredible and encouraging throughout the week to see the volume and diversity of attendees at each engagement- truly remarkable. The Canadian Consulate’s State of Carbon Tech Summit alone had nearly 300 attendees, standing room only, engaged and ready to act.

This climate week  showed how rapidly our community is forming to offer solutions to address the impacts of climate change. We must build up a new circular carbon economy that will provide carbon-based products as part of our solution to meeting our shared goals and spurring new economic markets. I highlighted this point while presenting at the World Economic Forum Sustainability Impact Summit in a session titled, ‘Unlocking the Circular Carbon Economy,’ and I was thrilled to interact with global leaders and new parties interested in getting engaged on this topic and the associated needs and opportunities.

I will continue to state that the world of carbon management is only as successful as its community behind it, and this week exemplified why this space is so promising.

Participating in the planning meeting at the New York World Economic Forum with sustainability officers of the chemical industry, highlighted the role chemical companies, with the coordination of the World Economic Forum, will play in developing plans for low carbon emissions technologies.

Thank you to all the new organizations and individuals who we met this week and joined our expanding mission to develop and deploy carbon technology!

Volker Sick
Director of the Global CO2 Initiative