Beyond Carbon Neutral Seminar Series: Klaus Lackner of the Center for Carbon Removal

Here you’ll find slides from Klaus Lackner’s Direct Air Capture as a Tool for Carbon Management (PDF: 2.5MB). Lackner is the Director of the Center for Carbon Removal at Arizona State University.

About the Beyond Carbon Neutral Seminar Series
In addition to urgently pursuing strategies to deeply reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the need to actively remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere is increasingly recognized as crucial for meeting both near- and long-term climate protection goals. This challenge—which we term the need to move “Beyond Carbon Neutral”—has developed into a major interdisciplinary research initiative led by the University of Michigan Energy Institute.

This 2016-17 seminar series will bring six leading researchers with relevant expertise to campus in order to introduce faculty and students to the topic and its associated research needs. The BCN Seminar series is co-hosted by the School of Natural Resources and Environment, the Erb Institute, and the Energy Institute.