Gauging Public Acceptance of Products Made with Captured Carbon

CO2 Scrubber at Climeworks
CO2 Scrubber at Climeworks

The economic viability of carbon capture and utilization (CCU) will depend, in part, on a reliable end-market for the products derived from captured carbon. Thus, it is important to assess public perceptions of CCU products.

Perceptions may differ depending on the type of product a consumer is considering. For example, a person may feel more strongly when assessing a carbonated beverage compared to products that would not be consumed. In addition, the source of the captured carbon, whether it be from Direct Air Capture or point source, may also influence a person’s willingness to use or consume a product.

Understanding public acceptance and how this differs by product and source of carbon will help to inform communication about CCU to consumers.

Faculty: Joseph Arvai

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