Volker Sick
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Mechanical Engineering DTE Energy Professor of Advanced Energy Research Director, Global CO2 Initiative

Volker Sick leads day-to-day Global CO2 Initiative operations, forges organizational partnerships, and brings together the initiative’s research teams. Sick brings years of experience as a leading scientist and administrator.

His own research focuses on developing and applying optical measurement techniques for studies of mass and energy transfer as well as diseases of the human eye.

Sick has received numerous awards for teaching, research, and service, including the President’s Award for Distinguished Service in International Education, the Combustion Institute Silver Medal, and the SAE International Leadership Citation.

He served as long-term Editor of the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute and continues on the editorial boards of Frontiers in Climate - Negative Emissions Technologies, Experiments in Fluids, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science. He is a Fellow of SAE International and the Combustion Institute.

Bernard David
Founder and Advisory Board Chairman Global CO2 Initiative

Bernard J. David is an entrepreneur, educator, and author. David has founded, built and sold several businesses. They include SaveSmart, Inc. (Prio, Inc.)–sold to Infospace, Inc. and—sold to Office Depot. David has written eight books on various elements of entrepreneurship and allied computer technology use. The books include The Entrepreneurial PC and Milestone Planning for Successful Ventures.

Since 2001, David has turned his attention to the area of sustainability. He believes that a systems approach to sustainability is critical—one that is based on science, and harnesses market forces to drive and fuel progress.

To that end, he is the founder of the Global CO2 Initiative, a market-based solution to address one of the grand challenges of our planet: the impact of excessive CO2 emissions in our atmosphere and oceans.

Lynn Cook
Administrative Assistant, Global CO2 Initiative
Lynn Cook is the administrative assistant to the Global CO2 Initiative team, working closely with Professor Volker Sick and Susan Fancy.
Grant Faber
Research Assistant, University of Michigan
Works on conducting techno-economic assessments of carbon utilization technologies.Read more about Grant Faber.
Susan Fancy
Program Manager for Research and Commercialization, Global CO2 Initiative

Susan Fancy specializes in managing projects and processes at the intersection of energy and climate.

Lucca Henrion
Research Fellow, Global CO2 Initiative

Lucca Henrion evaluates, promotes, and develops policies at the local, state, and regional levels that bolster carbon capture and utilization as a mainstream climate solution.

Christophe Mangin
Program Manager for Business Development, Global CO2 Initiative

Globally leads the Technical Economic Analysis (TEA) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) activities within the Global CO2 Initiative.

Makenzie Wireman
Public Relations and Communications Coordinator

Developing external content for social media outlets and news items for the Global CO2 Initiative.