“Carbon Dioxide Utilization Markets and Infrastructure: Status and Opportunities” report now available!

Carbon materials pervade many aspects of modern life, from fuels and building materials to consumer goods and commodity chemicals. Reaching net-zero emissions will require replacing existing fossil-carbon-based systems with circular-carbon economies that transform wastes like carbon dioxide into useful materials.   A new National Academies’ report, Carbon Dioxide Utilization Markets and Infrastructure: Status and Opportunities, evaluates market opportunities …

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New CCU Market Study and Key Findings Webinar Now Available!

“GCI has presented a balanced and timely analysis of the CCU space. They don’t frame it as a magical solutions to all of the climate crisis, but they also point out exactly where, when, and how these solutions can be deployed in today’s economy.” Dr. Marcius Extavour, Chief Scientist & Executive Vice President Climate and …

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“A carbon footprint life cycle assessment can cut down on greenwashing”

“Good LCA analysis, (GCI Director, Volker) Sick says, can distinguish companies that are carbon-friendly in name only, from those that are truly helping the world clear the air. ”  A recent Science News article by Ann Leslie Davis features the work of former GCI staff member Grant Faber, and GCI director, Volker Sick. The following is …

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Newsletter features Dr. Arno Zimmermann, Spark e-Fuels Co-Founder

Arno Zimmermann headshot

“The fact that it’s not easy actually motivates me–we have to reinvent all these things which have already been invented. From an engineering perspective, this is a really cool opportunity. Before it was more about optimizing, i.e., making things cost less or work better. But now, it’s really about fundamentally changing things and doing so …

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Newsletter features Jason Grillo of AirMiners

“There’s an African proverb: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together,’ and while we have far to go to remove the first gigaton of carbon, the strength of our community means we can do it.”  This newsletter issue features Jason Grillo, Partnerships and Operations Director for AirMiners Jason …

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Newsletter features Erin Burns

“…(W)e’re at a really exciting point for carbon removal: we’re seeing a ton of attention on this topic, we’re seeing billion dollar level investments,… and we’re seeing a lot more engagement. Carbon removal has really arrived.” -Erin Burns This newsletter issue features Erin Burns, Executive Director of Carbon180. Ms Burns guides the Carbon180 team in thinking about how to equitably scale …

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