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Superior CO2 Capture Technology: CO2 Sorbents

Figure 1. Our CO2 sorbents show superior adsorption characteristics than the industry benchmark. Shown here are the equilibrium amounts of adsorbed CO2 (solid symbols) vs. nitrogen (empty symbols), for the benchmark sorbent (black square symbols), amine-SBA-15, compared to one of our improved sorbents (red triangle symbols).

In order to capture CO2 from the atmosphere or industrial processes most effectively, we are developing new sorbents that increase the carbon-capture capacity of a moisture-stable sorbent relative to today’s best performer by 100%.

These sorbent materials are tailored to provide:

  1. highest CO2 capacities
  2. high CO2/N2 selectivities
  3. high rates
  4. low desorption temperatures, and moisture stability.

With these sorbents, it will be possible to accomplish separation of CO2 from different gas mixtures, such as from the air (for Direct Air Capture) or flue gases from thermal power plants. We synthesize materials that can separate CO2 under broadly varying in mixture conditions (composition, pressure, temperature, moisture).

Faculty: Ralph T. Yang

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