Nissan's first sustainability chief; ex-BP investor jumps to carbon tech

by Lauren Hepler, GreenBiz.

In the rush to draw down global emissions and slow global warming, one obvious but largely untapped resource is rising to the fore as a potential solution: carbon. The man tapped to head The Global CO2 Initiative announced earlier this year during the World Economic Forum, which aims to "capture 10 percent of global CO2 emissions and turn them into valuable products"? Issam Dairanieh, head of oil titan BP’s corporate venture capital team.

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About The Global CO2 Initiative:

The Global CO2 Initiative was created to realize the ambitious goal of capturing 10% of global CO2 emissions and transforming them into valuable products. CO2 Sciences, its innovative research and development platform, is structured to aggressively catalyze funding in carbon capture and use by granting up to $400 million over ten years to many qualified research applicants throughout the world. In parallel, the Global CO2 Initiative will accelerate the commercialization of CO2 based products and services. It will use different financial vehicles to invest in companies, enabling them to grow market demand for CO2 based products. For more information, visit and follow the Global CO2 Initiative on Twitter: @reuseCO2