JWN Energy: Canadian companies on the road to carbon riches

by Darrell Stonehouse, JWN Energy.

It’s going to take more than windmills, solar panels and energy efficiency to slow global warming, according to Issam Dairanieh, chief executive officer of CO2 Sciences, the research and development arm of the Global CO2 Initiative (GCI). It’s also going to take a major effort to tap industrial smokestacks, separate out the CO2 and permanently remove it from the atmosphere. And if the industry is going to go through the expense, it might as well make some money off it by spinning that carbon into marketable products.

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About The Global CO2 Initiative:

The Global CO2 Initiative (GCI) was created to develop and commercialize the trillion dollar CO2 products industry. These products use recycled CO2 as a key ingredient; examples include cement, aggregates, chemicals, polymers and carbon fiber. The Initiative coordinates with international partners focused on a common mission to deploy and scale CO2 products across multiple sectors.

CO2 Sciences, the non-profit arm of the GCI, will award R&D funding to qualified research applicants creating innovative technologies. The GCI commercialization arm will work in parallel to accelerate the market for CO2 products by investing in commercial-stage companies. For more information, visit www.globalco2initiative.org and follow the Global CO2 Initiative on Twitter: @reuseCO2