CBC: Companies seek to turn captured carbon into concrete, fish food and even toothpaste

by Ian Bickis, CBC News.

Emissions Reduction Alberta putting up $35M to find best uses for captured CO2

From the article:

The potential may be big. A McKinsey & Company report last year done on behalf of the Global CO2
Initiative said that carbon products — especially in concrete, plastics, fuel, and carbon fibre — could be a market worth between $800 billion US and $1.1 trillion US by 2030.

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CBC News article on Emissions Reduction Alberta

About The Global CO2 Initiative:

The Global CO2 Initiative (GCI) was created to develop and commercialize the trillion dollar CO2 products industry. These products use recycled CO2 as a key ingredient; examples include cement, aggregates, chemicals, polymers and carbon fiber. The Initiative coordinates with international partners focused on a common mission to deploy and scale CO2 products across multiple sectors.

CO2 Sciences, the non-profit arm of the GCI, will award R&D funding to qualified research applicants creating innovative technologies. The GCI commercialization arm will work in parallel to accelerate the market for CO2 products by investing in commercial-stage companies. For more information, visit www.globalco2initiative.org and follow the Global CO2 Initiative on Twitter: @reuseCO2