Volker Sick and Victor Li high fiving each other.


Katy Armstrong
Environmental Sustainability Scientist at Unilever

Katy is an environmental sustainability scientist and  global expert in CO2 utilisation, particularly in the analysis of how these technologies could be applied.

Aryandokht Azari
Research Fellow, Global CO2 Initiative

Aryandokht researches life cycle assessment of carbon capture and utilization technologies.

André Bardow
Professor of Energy and Process Systems Engineering at ETH Zurich and Director of the Institute for Energy and Climate Research at Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

André focuses on energy systems optimization, conceptual process design, life cycle assessment, computer-aided molecular design, thermodynamics, microfluidics and CO2 capture and utilization

Lorenzo Cremonese
Research Associate in the Pathways for Sustainable Energy Project and CO2 Utilisation Strategies and Society

Lorenzo works on the CO2nsistent project.

Grant Faber
Techno-Economic Assessment Researcher, University of Michigan

Grant works on conducting techno-economic assessments of carbon utilization technologies.

Arne Kätelhön
Managing Director and Co-founder, Carbon Minds

Arne is a sustainability researcher and chemical engineer. Contributed to the first iteration of the LCA and TEA guidelines.

Greg Keoleian
Professor of Sustainable Systems, University of Michigan

Greg focuses on the development and application of life cycle models and metrics to enhance the sustainability of products and technology.

Christophe Mangin
Program Manager for Business Development, Global CO2 Initiative

Christophe globally leads the Technical Economic Analysis (TEA) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) activities within the Global CO2 Initiative


Stephen McCord
Research Associate and Project Manager, University of Sheffield

Stephen works on both the CO2nsistent project as well as the TEA and LCA guidelines.

Shelie Miller
Professor of Sustainable Systems, University of Michigan

Shelie develops life-cycle assessment models with an emphasis on emerging technologies.

Leonard Müller
Sustainability Manager - Life Cycle Assessment & Analytics at Henkel

Leonard contributed to the first iteration of the LCA and TEA guidelines.

Barbara Olfe-Kräutlein
Senior Research Associate, IASS Potsdam; Leader of CO2 Utilisation Strategies and Society group

Barbara works on issues of acceptance and communication of CCU technologies.

Reinhard Schomäcker
Professor of Chemistry, TU Berlin

Reinhard conducts research on chemical reaction engineering as well as catalysis.

Till Strunge
Research Associate, IASS Potsdam

Till explores the economic as well as social impact of CCU technologies as well as working on the CO2nsistent project.

Peter Styring
Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Public Engagement, University of Sheffield

Peter's expertise is in the field of catalysis and functional materials. Chair of the CO2Chem Network, the largest global network of academics, industry and policy makers with interests in CDU.

Arno Zimmermann
Principal Consultant, Netzero.partners

Arno provides deeptech engineering and consulting focusing on carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies for customers in the energy, chemistry, and material industries (e.g. electroreduction of CO2, mineral carbonation, CO2-based chemicals)