Advisory Board

Rosina M. Bierbaum
Professor, University of Michigan

Rosina Bierbaum is a Professor and Dean Emerita at the University of Michigan with appointments in the School for Environment and Sustainability and the School of Public Health.

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Roberto Bocca
Head of Future of Energy and Materials, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

Leads the Energy, Mining & Metals and Chemicals teams at the World Economic Forum.

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Erin Burns
Director of Policy at Carbon180

At Carbon180, a climate NGO focused on carbon removal, Erin works with scientists, entrepreneurs, academics, and policymakers to create and inform federal policy on carbon capture, removal, and use.

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Bernard J. David
Chair, Advisory Board of the Global CO2Initiative

Entrepreneur, educator, and author. David has founded, built, and sold several businesses.

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Tom Delay
Chief Executive, Carbon Trust

Appointed as the first Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust in 2001. Tom has extensive experience in the energy sector, with 16 years in commercial and operations roles at Shell.

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David Douglas
Vice President, Applied Invention

Focused on the application of technology and sustainability principles to global problems and opportunities.

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Jae Edmonds
Chief Scientist, Battelle Fellow, Economist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Joint Global Change Research Institute

Researcher at the Joint Global Change Research Institute, a collaboration between the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Maryland.

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Marcius Extavour
Executive Director, Prize Operations, Energy & Resources, Carbon XPRIZE

Combines his experience in partnership building and strategy with his training in physics and engineering to lead the transition to a clean energy future.

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Christoph Gürtler
Head of Catalysis & Technology Incubation, Covestro

Head of the catalysis program at the CAT Catalytic Center, jointly run with RWTH Aachen University.

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John P. Holdren
Teresa & John Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy, Harvard University

Served as President Obama’s Science Advisor, Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology , and  Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

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David A. King
FRS HonFREng, Emeritus Professor in Physical Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Partner of SYSTEMIQ and Senior Strategy Adviser to the President of Rwanda.

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Louise Kjellerup Roper
Executive Director, Volans

Responsible for Volans’ mission, programmes, and commercial strategy, ensuring Volans has the biggest possible positive impact.

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Renate Krammer
Head of Innovation at Uniper

Renate Krammer, Head of Innovation at Uniper,  where she is responsible for the identification and early stage development of new business areas outside Uniper’s core business.

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Dan M. Martin
Retired former Managing Director, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Washington, DC.

Widely experienced grant-maker, educator, conservationist, and consultant to private foundations.

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Fred Mason
Caterpillar (retired)

Former Director of Product Source Planning for Caterpillar Inc. and founding Managing Director of Caterpillar Luxembourg, S.a.r.L.

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Mac McQuown
Co-Founder, Director, DCI, LLC

Co-founder/director and principal of Diversified Credit Investments.

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Laura R. Nereng
Sustainability and Business Development Leader, 3M

Laura Nereng has 27 years of experience with 3M, serving in various roles, including Engineering, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, and New Business Development.

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Eric W. Orts
Guardsmark Professor, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School

Primary research and teaching interests are corporate governance, professional ethics, and environmental management.

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David B. Sandalow
Inaugural Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy; Senior Research Scholar; Co-Director, Energy and Environment Concentration, Columbia University

Founded and directs the Center on Global Energy Policy’s U.S.-China Program. 

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Josh Schaidle
Director, Chemical Catalysis for Bioenergy (ChemCatBio) Consortium

Director of the Chemical Catalysis for Bioenergy (ChemCatBio) Consortium and the lead for the Catalytic Carbon Transformation platform within the National Bioenergy Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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Timothy J. Skone
Senior Environmental Engineer, DoE National Energy Technology Laboratory

Leads Life Cycle Analysis Research efforts on carbon utilization technologies, methane emissions from the natural gas value chain, alternative transportation fuels, and advanced power generation systems.     

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Timothy A. A. Stiles
Global Chair, International Development Assistance Services, KPMG LLP

Responsible for the global delivery of KPMG’s services to organizations operating in the development sector.

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Gerald Stokes
Incoming Chair, Department of Technology and Society at SUNY Korea

Founding team member of the Global CO2 Initiative. He is a Research Professor in the Department of Technology and Society at Stony Brook University.

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Peter Styring
Professor, University of Sheffield

Expertise in the field of catalysis and functional materials.

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Ellen D. Williams
Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland

Research interests in surface chemistry and nanotechnology. 

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