Newsletter features Kendra Hagey

“Ultimately, physical carbon capture units on campus can demonstrate to other students that carbon capture is not just some theoretical solution to climate change–it has real potential to make a difference.”

This first newsletter issue of 2023 features the incoming president of the Global CO2 Initiative Student Association (GCISA), Kendra Hagey.

Kendra is a junior in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Energy Science and Policy. She is particularly interested in the energy industry as it is incredibly important for the advancement of technology and is currently making a major shift towards sustainability. In her free time, she enjoys playing flute in the campus band and growing plants, including several succulents and a couple herbs, in her little garden.

How did you become interested in Engineering?

Growing up, I had always enjoyed math and science in school. My grandpa was an engineer and every time I would visit he always had a problem he wanted me to help him solve, whether it be a new puzzle or designing a contraption to ripen tomatoes from the garden if they fell off the plant too early. I enjoyed solving little problems around the house and helping out my family in tangible ways. In high school, I found chemistry fascinating and wondered how I could help implement these chemistry concepts to benefit people in their everyday lives, which ultimately lead me to chemical engineering.