CCUS Transformation Map is now live!

Curated in partnership with Global CO2 Initiative Director, Dr. Volker Sick, the CCUS Transformation Map is now live on the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence site.

Legacy carbon dioxide emissions must be removed as a new, net-zero-carbon economy is being built. CO2 capture, utilization, and storage have the potential to both contribute to gigatonne-scale removal, and serve as a source of fossil-free carbon products. By 2050, CO2 storage and utilization could each amount to as much as 27 gigatonnes annually, and generate as much as $4.4 trillion. Currently, however, the world’s largest direct-air carbon dioxide capture facility, ClimeWorks’ Orca plant in Iceland, has a capture and storage capacity of just 4,000 tonnes per year. The urgent need to build a new and complex carbon capture and storage industry at scale means greater investment is required – as is strategic, global action.

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