The Era of Climate Action – Statement Regarding COP24

Following the conclusion of United Nations climate negotiations one thing is abundantly clear: we need much more investment in innovative technology as well as proactive policy solutions to meet our ever-ambitious global climate targets.

In addition to countries setting and surpassing these targets, we also need critical businesses and heavy industries to take bold steps to decarbonize in the decade ahead if we are to meet our common goals and avoid some of the worst impacts of climate change. This transition to a clean energy future does not have to come at the expense of workers or leave certain communities behind. There remains an immense economic and environmental opportunity for countries and industry to turn the existing liability of harmful carbon emissions into an asset.

We at the Global CO2 Initiative and our global partners are committed to delivering this opportunity by expanding technological and entrepreneurial approaches to reduce, remove and reuse carbon emissions while supporting the growth of new markets and products across various sectors.

Every major climate report this year has supported the need for carbon management technologies to be deployed at commercial scale to meet our targets – we need to do more and we are encouraged by the growing narrative in support of these climate solutions.

From the UN’s recent IPCC Report to the International Energy Agency’s analysis on CCUS, it’s important that our growing community of entrepreneurs and researchers continues to add to this body of work by promoting their successes, highlighting technological advances, and educating peers on the opportunity in front of us. This is a positive story that needs to be told and we plan on doing so with our colleagues in the years ahead.

The conclusion of COP24 in Poland we believe marks the end of official “climate diplomacy” and begins the era of “climate action”. Carbon management technologies and policies will be part of this new era and we are excited about sharing in this mission with all of you.