This interdisciplinary seminar series brings leading researchers to campus in order to introduce faculty and students to atmospheric carbon dioxide removal and its associated opportunities, challenges and research needs. Entitled “Climate Change Mitigation: Moving Beyond Carbon Neutral,” this unique set of seminars is co-hosted by the university’s Energy Institute, its School of Environment and Sustainability and the Erb Institute for Sustainable Enterprise. It is funded as a distinguished faculty and student seminar series by the University of Michigan Provost and Office of Research.

The series hosted four speakers during the 2016-17 academic year, and will host 4-6 speakers in 2017-18. Here are the speakers who have presented to date:

Klaus Lackner, Arizona State University, 10/07/16


David Skole, Michigan State University, 11/10/16


Brent Sohngen, The Ohio State University, 01/12/17


John Field, Colorado State University, 02/09/17


Mark Barteau, University of Michigan, 09/28/17