Our Growing Team

Today, we are proud to announce the establishment of the Global CO2 Initiative’s Advisory Board, dedicated to supporting our critical mission of developing ways to remove carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into useful products.

Our Initiative tapped a broad range of experts and stakeholders that are actively engaged in the global carbon management community and support the goal of transforming the liability of CO2 into an economic opportunity.

As the Initiative expands its global network, I look forward to collaborating with our board members to bring their unique voices and expert guidance to this growing space, helping us achieve our goal of deploying critical technologies to combat the effects of climate change while creating economic growth and employment opportunities.

Our Advisory Board will convene for the first time at the University of Michigan on April 11th. In tandem with this board meeting, the Global CO2 Initiative will host a two-day expert workshop furthering the development of our Techno-Economic Assessment and Live Cycle Assessment Toolkit for CO2-based products.

Beyond our TEA/LCA toolkit development, we will deploy funds received from the College of Engineering’s Blue Sky Program and support from the University of Michigan’s Energy Institute to develop and commercialize a robust range of technologies. These include new highly active sorbents for improved CO2 capture efficiency and capacity, photocatalytic hedgehog catalysts for methanol synthesis, reinforced natural fibers for composites, and flexible concrete.

We at the Global CO2 Initiative remain committed to our goal to reduce, remove and reuse carbon emissions and we are excited to grow this community with you. View our full list of our Advisory Board members and their mission.